Innovation, Technology, and the Future

Game-changing technologies now come in bunches! Combined, their synergies are making change go exponential. The only way for organizations to survive is through radical innovation. Fortunately, these same technologies are enabling that innovation. Jack shows how organizations can visualize, plan and execute on the radical innovations needed to move from responding to change to initiating it, and turn a future of threats into opportunities!

Managing Change In Disruptive Times

By definition living in disruptive times seems to defy an organization’s ability to manage change. Emerging technologies can quickly redefine long-established industries, and tweets from powerful politicians can stand markets and supply chains on their heads. Jack lays out a proven methodology for managing change in disruptive times that responds to short-term disruptions, and keeps the long-term strategic objectives on track.

Leading Your Organization Through Transformational Change

A transformational leader must drive radically innovative changes in their organization’s mindset, processes, and business model, and ecosystems. They must visualize their outcomes, gain commitment, and lead the drive to achieve their objectives. Jack outlines the characteristics of transformational leaders and the steps managers and executives must take to become one.

Creating Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation means rethinking your business ecosystems, your business model, and your business processes before applying leading edge digital technologies. Jack shares examples of organizations that have done that and a time-tested approach for a successful Digital Transformation strategy.

Extracting Real Value from Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming business, society, and the world. Jack shares real-world examples of how cutting-edge businesses’ Al implementations reduce costs, improve service, and spark innovation.

The Blockchain Transformation

How the trust and security of blockchain-enabled digital transformation will evolve your business, your industry, and the world.

5G & IoT: The New Internet Of Everything

From connected cars to smart cities, remote robotic surgery, and self-configuring factory floors, 5G and IoT will deeply disrupt your business and your industry. Jack shows you how to design your 5G/IoT strategy for competitive advantage.

3D & 4D Printing: Revolutionizing Industry

As the newest, most powerful manufacturing technique, 3D printing is driving the next industrial revolution. When integrated with other emerging technologies, it makes a huge economic impact – and not just on manufacturers. Explore its role in the digital economy and where it is headed across society as a whole in the next decade of digital transformation.